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TALGO trusts FAINSA for its contract of the century with Deutsche Bahn

Recently, the Spanish manufacturer TALGO signed the largest contract in its history with German railways DB for the supply of up to 100 high-speed intercity trains.

For the equipment of these high-capacity trains, DB has put in place a very rigorous selection process for the train’s constituent systems. In the case of passenger seats, this process involved biodynamic analysis by a specialist institute in Munich, and severe comparative comfort tests that were carried out by hundreds of regular users of the medium and long-distance trains on the German network. 

One STAR RAIL prototype which has been submitted  to analysis and comfort tests by DB, October 2019

FAINSA’s new STAR RAIL model has been selected for its intrinsic characteristics, technical qualities and innovation. DB and TALGO also appreciated the development and continuous improvement capabilities that FAINSA demonstrated during the selection process. We are all extremely proud of this success as DB is one of the most prestigious operators in the world, and our seat was up against competitors who have the greatest expertise in the trade. 

With the award of this contract, FAINSA is renewing its range of High-speed Intercity seats with a state-of-the-art model. The STAR RAIL is a lightweight design, with a proven comfort, enjoying extensive equipment and a revolutionary geometry that is designed to maximize space efficiency without compromising upon passenger safety or comfort. Although this first contract is from the German market, STAR RAIL is designed for all markets, thus complying with GMRT2100 and APTA regulations that prescribe dynamic impact tests in Britain and the United States.

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Awarded a contract for SNCB-NMBS

COMPIN-FAINSA will supply train seats for 445 cars ALSTOM/BOMBARDIER – M7 series.

This order is related to the contract of the ALSTOM / BOMBARDIER consortium for supplying 1,362 cars to the SNCB (« Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belge »), the Belgian railway company, as detailed herafter:

  • This new contract will enable SNCB-NMBS to offer a total 145 000 additional seats to its passengers
  • The first firm order is for 445 double-deck trains type M7 cars


The first firm order signed today includes design and manufacturing for 445 cars and is estimated to be around 1,3 billion euro (1,4 billion USD). The direct share for BOMBARDIER is around 787 Meuros (853 million USD) while ALSTOM’s share is around 471 million euros (511 million USD). Deliveries for this first order will take place between September 2018 and 2021. The frame of this contract includes an option for up 917 additional cars.

The Bombardier site located in Brugges (Belgium), will provide 65 multifunctional steering cars and 290 trailer cars. ALSTOM site in Valenciennes (France) will manufacture 90 cars motorized cab cars.

COMPIN-FAINSA will deliver the first pre-serial seats from May 2017.

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