Compin-Fainsa has developed an unquestionable expertise by working for the largest international operators and constructors in terms of seating and interior fittings.
Focus on our 2 best-sellers, the Gala and the SB :


This seat can adapt to all needs and has proven its durability through the years. To see it under real-life conditions, why not hop on one of the National Express shuttles!

Coming soon...


The SB09 bus has turned into a best-seller in numerous configurations: SB09 is the urban bus seat above all others, resistant and is highly customisable.

You can come across it in 10 different cities without ever seeing the exact same seat twice.
Every day, thousands of travellers count on SB09 seats, in Paris, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Nice, Caen, etc.

You can download its technical sheet by clicking here..