COMPIN has a history enriched by over a hundred years’ experience.
A small family business at the service of the Parisian metro in 1903, COMPIN progressively became the French and then European leader of railway seating and, later on, extended its skills and offering to passenger comfort, including an expertise of the entire passenger environment: accessory equipment, tables, floors, overhead panels, lighting, restrooms…etc.
Established in the city of Évreux in Normandy since 1953, COMPIN has developed a solid industrial basis in Poland in Lodz, then in Bulgaria in Pernik, in order to reinforce its production means and improve its economic competitiveness. In 2015, COMPIN invested in new technological and industrial means in Linares in Andalusia so as to expand its product lines to structural flooring and partitions.
Due to its history and commercial success, COMPIN has a strong historic customer base particularly in France and the Benelux.
COMPIN accompanies major European constructors, on their domestic or international markets, with the conception and the supply of seating and interior systems for passenger vehicles such as trains or city buses, as well as European and North African operators with their rolling stock renovations.
Since the beginning of 2015, COMPIN and FAINSA have been coordinating and optimizing their commercial and industrial activities within the Group in order to better serve their clients on a global scale.