• 2015 | Compin and Fainsa unite

    The group formed to became a  company whose size & strengths now position itself in the projects on a global scale.
  • 2010 | Fainsa experiences strong growth in the European market

    Fainsa enjoys a surge in growth as a consequence of the constant increase in important orders in foreign markets.
  • 2009 | Compin enters the market for turnkey projects

    The company achieves a market share with full renovation projects, a clear sign from our customer of the group’s know-how in the design of trains’ interior fittings.
  • 90’s | Compin forges agreements in trains and metros in the Paris area

    The partnership between the RATP company (the Public transportation operator for the Paris region) allows Compin to expand : the company grows to have seats placed present in every metro and train of the RATP network.
  • 1987 | Fainsa launches its High-Speed products

    Following the lead set by Compin, Fainsa launches its line of seats for High-Speed Lines.
  • 1981 | Compin partners with the launching of the TGV

    Compin takes its mark in the southeast TGV (High-Speed French train), the first line of its kind and a great success for SNCF, the French national railway company.

    Each new TGV generation brings its share of innovations, which led to seats with an injected design, entirely trimmed with velvet. During the 90’s, Compin increased its efforts in order to design and deliver a series of new products for trains such as of the Thalys or the TGV Duplex.

  • 1980 | Fainsa expands globally

    Production licenses are granted in the USA, in Latin America, Asia, Oceania and in Europe.
  • 1975 | Fainsa takes to the sea

    Fainsa launches its first line of seats for the maritime sector.
  • 1961 | Fainsa emerges in the rail sector

    Fainsa launches its first line of seats for trains.
  • 60's | Compin thinks big

    The company opts for cooperation agreements abroad with local partners and a direct presence.
  • 1952 | Fainsa takes to the road

    The company launches its first line of bus and coach seats.
  • 1935 | Fainsa is created

    Birth of Fainsa – FABRICACION ASIENTOS VEHICULOS INDUSTRIALES SA – created seats and accessories for bicycles and motorbikes.
  • 1902 | Compin is created

    Compin designs its first train seats, for an industry still in its infancy. The Urbanisation of France in the 20th century was directly linked to a surge in demand for a better public transportation network. This was an opportunity that the company was quick to recognise

Early 1902