A comprehensive approach

Clients expect their partners to be guided by time-to-market, a key notion in industrialisation which translates into 3 qualities:

  • easy implementation
  • technological proactivity
  • anticipation of clients’ needs


In parallel to the custom-made product conception approach, Compin-Fainsa has developed an acknowledged expertise in turnkey projects. A complete mastery which has won over operators in the framework of renovation projects.

Requirement definition

Compin-Fainsa has based its expertise on continuous innovation and a permanent proximity with its clients.
Compin-Fainsa implements a technological complementarity with its clients: creativity is at the service of the client because it allows it to meet every need with a customised solution.

Whether the project relates to a line of seats or to customised seating, Compin-Fainsa is the right architect for a client requirement.

Design to Conception

Making a difference through design: Compin-Fainsa is able to create prototypes from all kinds of concepts, which has 2 direct advantages:

  • Allows a detailed assessment of the product
  • Implements a good idea as soon as possible

To reach this level of effectiveness, Compin-Fainsa builds on three types of resources: human, financial and technical.

Industrialisation & Production

Our dedicated staff and experience in manufacturing lead to a high level of flexibility: Compin-Fainsa knows how to be fast and effective, even for a small-scale production.

Thanks to its European network of production sites, Compin-Fainsa maximises it position as a majot group. We align the supply chain, production expertise and capacities to meet the needs of the customer and market.

Thanks to its franchise network, the group enjoys the feedback of operators and constructors from all over the world, whatever the transportation mode, wheeled or on rail.

Client Support for Integration

Compin-Fainsa is known for its crucial expertise in product integration: the experience to accompany our clients in the integration of their products that saves time and wins profit. From the design conception, our product is cleverly constructed to facilitate the fastest possible its integration into train sets or operators’ buses.

The “plug & play” concept is here taken further so as to guarantee assembly time, a key factor in the industrial process.