Seating and interior fittings

COMPIN is an Interior component supplier with capabilities to integrate our product range for passenger trains, coaches and buses

COMPIN can offer:

  • Experience, Know-How and tolerance management in the engineering integration of the interior system for any train renovation.
  • Direct management of interface between the car renovator and the customer. This is with our experience in detailed project management
  • Outstanding quality and an unrivaled on time Delivery Performance
  • Experience and success in managing the complexity of logistics for refurbishment projects
  • Innovative and best in class products and systems (floors, seats,…)/li>
  • Price competitiveness due to our low cost bases
  • A commercial network focused upon seats and interiors



We follow a strict project management process.

Key Technical support is available to define the technical specifications of your projects

We have a well-structured and solid company management processes ranging from development, manufacturing, logistic flow and a wide range of supplier partnerships to support any project size.

Time and motion studies can be offered to support an improved installation time, offering support for mounting the parts and any associated training at the customers site.




    Hybrid sandwich made of:

  • External Aluminium skins
  • Inner High resistance honeycomb
  • High resistance carbon profiles (if needed)


  • Fully equipped Ceiling modules
  • Standard ceilings
  • In house technology and development
  • Honeycomb and Composite constructions
  • Steel or aluminum supports
  • Full assembly of the extruded parts

Luggage racks

  • Racks can be supplied by unit or/ by module
  • Options that can be integrated into our modules
    • LED lighting
    • Reservation devices (screen)
    • Reading lights
    • Pool bars or Grab handles
    • Glass, Glazing, PC areas, or Grid integration with casted parts

Wall panels / window panels

  • Panel can be supplied in one piece or/ by complete module
  • Functional integration of curtains, sunshades and roller blinds
  • Technology: Thermoforming, Glass fibre, High Pressure Laminate, grids, Aluminum profiles, coating, decorative films
  • One part or assembly with functions (air flow, roller blind)
  • Supplied using Polyester SMC or ABS/PC that has been thermoformed


  • Tables supplied as a complete assembly, ready to fit into the body of the Car
  • Casted parts with Aluminum profiles
  • Sections with Honeycomb, glued with HPL
  • A Full validated system for Structural integrity, dynamic crash loads and fire safety

Toilet module – for renovation projects

  • Toilets can be supplied as a complete module for renovation projects
  • Ready to fit. Just Plug and play
  • According to the required standards of mechanics and fire performance
  • According the norms TSI PRM
  • Features : Polyester Module with tainless steel brackets, Grabhandle, Water tank and pipes, lavoratory, Power integrated, Hand dryer, etc.