A unique customer service

The Compin-Fainsa group possesses the resources and the skills in order to maintain the interiors of railway rolling stock and buses in a responsive, pertinent and effective manner.

We help our clients reduce their operating costs and maximize their income on the extended product lifespan, while guaranteeing the highest comfort and safety levels possible for users.


Compin-Fainsa is recognised for the design and production of military seats.

The group has a flawless knowledge of the project management chain from the « pre-project » initial phase to the industrialisation phase and has implemented processes that are adapted to the specificity of its trade and to military uses.

The verification and validation of product conception are executed by a trained staff and with complete testing devices.

Upon request, we provide the spare parts stock, managed according to the FIFO method. Upon client request by phone, we send the parts to the different French regiments or to military operations’ locations abroad (OPEX). Products are delivered within 72 hours of the call.


An acknowledged expert of seating for all rolling stock, Compin-Fainsa has extended its expertise to meet the needs of the naval sector.

Tourist transport operators can count on the Compin-Fainsa line to equip its fleet with modern, comfortable and robust seats.


Easy maintenance, optimised size and comfort in the widest range of situations: the Compin-Fainsa M1 line of seats has proved its worth in numerous emergency vehicles.

Passenger comfort and staff effectiveness are the factors which guide this specific line.