A unique customer service

The Compin-Fainsa group possesses the resources and the skills in order to maintain the interiors of railway rolling stock and buses in a responsive, pertinent and effective manner.

We help our clients reduce their operating costs and maximize their income on the extended product lifespan, while guaranteeing the highest comfort and safety levels possible for users.

Spare parts

Compin-Fainsa guarantees that it will provide you with follow-up and supply of spare-parts for all its products for the entire life span of rolling stock.
Compin-Fainsa also has the competitive know-how to provide, upon request, upholstered items suited to all brands, as well as supplying complete collections of new base-mounted upholstery to replace old seating from all origins.


Maintenance of components subject to age-related deterioration is one of our main business activities.
In this context, we offer a complete turnkey service of maintenance and servicing solutions, including any services for dismantling and reassembly in trainsets.

In particular, Compin-Fainsa has unique tailor-made resources for cleaning your textiles : upholstery, floors, wall coverings etc.).


Thanks to a specialist design office with over 40 staff, Compin-Fainsa offers solutions for renovation, redesign or modernisation, whether of components or interiors, of every type of railway and bus equipment.
From the specifications phase to the assembly of new or renovated material, Compin-Fainsa can provide support for all project phases.