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Our new address:

Compin Polska Sp.z o.o.

Jedrzejowska 79

93-636 Lodz, Poland 


After 11 years in the same location, polish site of the group has moved its plant to a brand new building, increasing up to 30 % the capacity of production and 20 % the capacity of storage: additional space to start more new projects, to integrate new technologies and also to improve our process of production by investing in automatization and robotization.

This building represents a great chance for Compin to accelerate its development in Poland for many next years. New working positions are open to help us to build our future: we want to attract the best candidates with talents and skills to support the new coming challenges of our team.

Nevertheless, today, thanks to the new layout and organization, our main target is to improve our performance in term of  efficiency, quality, reactivity for the benefit of our customers.

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COMPIN Ferroviaria in Linares takes care of our environment


COMPIN FERROVIARIA S.L. es una empresa comprometida con la mejora continua en materia ambiental conforme a las directrices marcadas en nuestra política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente. Prueba de ello es el proceso de implantación y posterior certificación de un sistema de gestión ambiental conforme a los requisitos de la norma ISO 14001:2015 en el que nos encontramos inmersos durante este año 2018, a través del que nos comprometemos a prevenir la contaminación y a proteger el medio ambiente.

En relación con el desempeño ambiental de COMPIN FERROVIARIA S.L. durante el primer semestre de 2018 cabe destacar:

  • Se ha disminuido el consumo de electricidad por m2 de paneles fabricados respecto al año anterior en un 55%.
  • Se ha disminuido el consumo de gasoil por m2 de paneles fabricados respecto al año anterior en un 47%.
  • Se ha disminuido el consumo de agua por m2 de paneles fabricados respecto al año anterior en un 69%.


El interés principal de COMPIN FERROVIARIA, S.L., sigue dos vertientes. Por un lado, obtener la satisfacción de sus clientes y el cumplimiento con los requisitos definidos y por otro lado, establecer un compromiso de mejora continua y de protección del medio ambiente. Para ello, la empresa, a través de la presente Política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente adquiere los siguientes compromisos:

  • Calidad en los productos suministrados por la organización, asegurándose que los productos que el cliente recibe cumplen todas las especificaciones que éste había previsto y las mantienen a lo largo del tiempo.
  • Mejorar permanentemente la satisfacción de nuestros clientes actuando de una forma más proactiva, anticipándonos a sus deseos en materia de calidad y servicio.
  • Ser una empresa con capacidad para colaborar con nuestros clientes en la innovación de sus productos.
  • Garantizar el tratamiento de los problemas de seguridad del producto, dotando de los medios necesarios para reducir al mínimo los riesgos potenciales para los empleados, clientes y usuarios.
  • Asegurar el cumplimiento tanto de la legislación legal ambiental aplicable a nuestras actividades, productos y servicios, como el de normativas de clientes y cualquier otro requisito legal aplicable.
  • Mejorar la comunicación interna incidiendo especialmente en la comunicación transversal y horizontal y la comunicación externa con nuestros proveedores, clientes y demás partes interesadas.
  • Potenciar la gestión de los recursos humanos, incidiendo en el incremento de la capacidad de las personas para asumir responsabilidades y tomar iniciativas, formando a todo aquel cuya actividad pueda generar un efecto sobre el medio ambiente con el objeto de que conozca el impacto de sus actividades.
  • Minimizar la cantidad de residuos generados y trabajar por la prevención de la contaminación ambiental producida por las emisiones y otros aspectos.
  • Establecer y revisar periódicamente la consecución de los objetivos de nuestra empresa con objeto de impulsar la mejora continua.

Cada año, la Dirección revisará la presente Política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente, haciendo constar en el informe de revisión del sistema los cambios producidos y su adecuación a la organización.

Para llevar a buen término esta Política, la Dirección de COMPIN FERROVIARIA, S.L. se compromete a cumplir los requisitos de las normas internacionales UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 y UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 que le sean de aplicación. La dirección de la organización asume personalmente los compromisos aquí expresados y se compromete a asegurar que dicha política es conocida, entendida y aplicada por todas las personas que forman parte de la organización, así como por las partes interesadas pertinentes.

Puede consultar el documento clicando en este enlace ISO14000

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A new success for COMPIN : The new generation of « RER » !

After more than 5 years of tendering, COMPIN has won the contract for the supply of passenger seats for the new RER NG to an the ALSTOM / BOMBARDIER Consortium.

This contract, ordered by SNCF, on behalf of Ile-de-France Mobilités (the former STIF) which represents one of the largest contracts in the history of rail in Europe, includes a first delivery of 71 trains with possible options that could reach 371 trains.

To date, the contracts won by the Consortium covers the supply of 255 trains that will run, from 2021, on the future lines E (130 new trains) and D (125 trains) of “Le Grand Paris”.

For the first tranche, COMPIN will produce nearly 37,000 seats, out of 193,000 in total. The range of seats includes fixed, tip-up and folding seats that will be supplied from our manufacturing sites of Evreux and Lodz. This project will ensure a workload for the company up to 2023 and beyond with the other tranches.

To win this contract, COMPIN demonstrated to the builders’ design teams its ability to develop an easy maintenance seat at a competitive price. Deliveries will begin in January 2019 with a production rate up to 6 trains per month.

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FAINSA will install seats in 121 new urban buses sold by VDL Jonckheere to DeLijn

  • FAINSA will install seats in 121 new urban buses sold by VDL Jonckheere to DeLijn
  • This is a very important success and a clear evidence of the level of confidence from the most demanding customers. Our quality and service does count.


Our PUNT seat:

  • Our most versatile
  • More than 200,000 seats produced for the European market.
  • Flexibility: Modular design that is suitable for both Urban Inter-urban
  • Able to adapt to all needs: Punt truly is a platform product


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Celebrate with us our newly born Compin Inc.

COMPIN Inc. will be our center of command for our growing rail market presence in the US, highlighting the recently awarded ALSTOM-AMTRAK project to supply passenger seats to 28 new-generation high-speed trains called AVELIA-Liberty from ALSTOM.  The trains will be ordered and managed by AMTRAK, for its North-East Corridor, serving the major cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

From our brand-new company, COMPIN Inc will convince our customers about our ability to meet, among other aspects, their technological and comfort requirements and the requirements from the local content regulations BAA.

“This is an important breakthrough in our growth strategy and marks just the starting point that will help us drive our ambitious development plans for the US market” says Pierre Sainfort CEO of COMPIN group.

COMPIN Inc also wants to show our customers that we are aligned with their strategy to be present locally whilst at the same time ensure a global platform.” The message from our customers is loud and clear.  They need strong supplier partners that can match their ambitions to expand in a truly worldwide market” says Joan Gabriel Fernandez, Sales & Marketing Director of COMPIN-FAINSA.

The group today has more than 700 people worldwide and has sites in Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria and now… North America.

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COMPIN conquers the United States of America with ALSTOM

COMPIN has achieved a significant new commercial success a few weeks after signing the contract for the supply of passenger seats for the 40 new OMNEO Premium Normandie Bombardier trainsets, that will be commissioned on the Normandy railway from early 2020 on.

The company has just won a market of approximately $22 million from ALSTOM-US to supply the passenger seats of the 28 new-generation high-speed trains AVELIA-Liberty, ordered and managed by the North American operator AMTRAK, for its North-East Corridor, serving the major cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

These high-speed pendulum trains, assembled by ALSTOM in the state of New York, will be progressively commissioned from 2021 on, with a commercial speed of 300 km/h. (upgradable to 350 km/h). They are composed of 9 passenger cars (extensible to 12 cars), with 381 « business » and « first » places (expandable to 518 places).

With this contract, COMPIN is expanding its expertise and presence internationally by entering the North American market for the first time in its history.

To win this contract, the company has demonstrated its ability to meet, among other aspects, the technological and comfort requirements of its customers and the requirements from the « Buy American Act ». The seats will be designed, engineered and tested within the French factory and then manufactured in the United States with local components.

This market is an opportunity for COMPIN to set up an industrial base in the United States, enabling the company to enter the various segments of the North American railway market (subways, suburban trains, regional trains, etc.) and to promote its French know-how within other states of America.

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We are delighted to introduce to you the COMPIN-FAINSA group’s 2017 innovation

We are delighted to introduce to you the COMPIN-FAINSA
group’s 2017 innovation

The BRAVA is not only a seat, it is an alignment of technological

Innovation, unrivaled comfort and passenger safety

BRAVA is a genuine revolution in technology and innovation.

10 Benefits of choosing BRAVA

  1. Softer, more comfortable seat belt and an improvement of the belt tension
  2. More recline (+ 10º)
  3. More space between the places: 85mm (+10mm)
  4. Adjustable headrest lateral wings
  5. New Backrest shape, giving more space for the legs
  6. Adjustable reclining headrest
  7. Wider foams & softer cushioning
  8. Longer armrest (+20mm) and possibility to trim
  9. Support for 7” screen
  10. New designs of upholstery


The BRAVA advantages

  • Super-fast maintenance
  • Accessories completely integrated
  • Supreme comfort
  • Uncompromising safety
  • Efficient use of space
  • Fully Modular design for easy assembly.
  • 20% lighter than the rest of the market


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