The group COMPIN FAINSA is a recognized market leader in Bus and M1 segment seating and honeycomb sandwich solutions through his 2 companies Fainsa and Compin Ferroviaria.

Thanks to the large experience in the both domains the group is now able to enlarge his product range by adding the floor/seat system for our Bus and M1 customers

This new system in the portfolio of the group is able to increase the added value of our offer by:

  • Reducing weight of the new full assembly
  • A big step forward in reducing interfaces for our customers: Cost optimization, supply chain optimization
  • Reduce homologation cost
  • Compin Fainsa assumes the responsibility of the homologation of the full system seat-floor
  • Simplification of the fixing system of the seat to the flooring


By itself, our honeycomb sandwich floor is a huge innovation for reducing weight in the BUS systems. This weight reduction which is key today will be absolutely unavoidable in the near future with the important change that many cities in the world will do towards green energies (as for example: Paris, London or Barcelona)

Compin Fainsa is a big contributor to the change to Green energies thanks to his ultralight flooring systems.

Fiche technique "Systèmes plancher" en .pdf


Reduced homologation cost

Simplification of the fixing system