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TALGO confía en FAINSA el Contrato del Siglo con Deutsche Bahn

Recientemente, el constructor español TALGO ha firmado el contrato más importante de su historia con los Ferrocarriles Alemanes, DB, para el suministro de hasta 100 trenes Intercity de Alta Velocidad

Para el equipamiento de estos trenes de alta capacidad (560 plazas), DB ha exigido procesos muy rigurosos de selección de sistemas, que, en el caso de las butacas de pasajeros, supuso el análisis biodinámico por un Instituto especializado de Munich, y el posterior test de confort comparativo entre centenares de usuarios habituales de los servicios de Media y Larga Distancia de la red alemana.

Uno de los prototipos STAR RAIL que serían sometidos a análisis y test de Confort por DB. Octubre 2019

El resultado de este proceso es que el nuevo modelo STAR RAIL de FAINSA ha sido el seleccionado, tanto por las características propias del asiento y las innovaciones que supone, cómo por la capacidad Técnica que DB y Talgo han apreciado en FAINSA para el desarrollo y la mejora continua del producto.

Este hecho colma nuestra satisfacción, no sólo por el éxito que supone en sí mismo, sino por la entidad y respeto que merecen los competidores con los que se comparó nuestro producto, que se cuentan entre los más prestigiosos y expertos del mundo.

Con la adjudicación de este contrato, FAINSA renueva su gama de asientos Intercity y de Alta velocidad con modelo de ultimísima generación, el STAR RAIL, de confort ya contrastado, completísimo equipamiento, peso ligero y geometría revolucionaria para facilitar la alta capacidad sin comprometer ni la seguridad ni la comodidad del pasajero. Aunque el primer contrato operará en el mercado alemán, STAR RAIL ha sido concebido para todos los mercados, y resaltamos con ello las normativas GMRT y APTA que prescriben tests de impacto dinámico en Gran Bretaña, parte de la Commonwealth y los Estados Unidos.

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Innotrans 2018; thank you for your visit!

The international trade fair for innovation in rail transport, INNOTRANS, was held in Berlin just a few days ago.

It was a record breaking event in many ways.  2,950 exhibitors from 60 countries, along with 145,000 visitors made it a memorable show.   COMPIN-FAINSA also made history, as we attended for the first time as a united group!

Now as a leading European group in the supply of all interior fittings for public transportation vehicles, we proudly presented our large range of products … Passenger seats, toilet modules, ceilings, lighting, luggage-rack modules, partition walls and floors.

We were very happy to have truly remarkable feedback to our latest product designs.  Our INNOTRANS experience was even further improved by meeting up with old friends and of course, connecting with lots of new colleagues.

Today, we would like to extend our warmest thanks for your visit and the interest you have shown in our new & exciting group.  We look forward to working together in the future weeks.

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A new success for COMPIN : The new generation of « RER » !

After more than 5 years of tendering, COMPIN has won the contract for the supply of passenger seats for the new RER NG to an the ALSTOM / BOMBARDIER Consortium.

This contract, ordered by SNCF, on behalf of Ile-de-France Mobilités (the former STIF) which represents one of the largest contracts in the history of rail in Europe, includes a first delivery of 71 trains with possible options that could reach 371 trains.

To date, the contracts won by the Consortium covers the supply of 255 trains that will run, from 2021, on the future lines E (130 new trains) and D (125 trains) of “Le Grand Paris”.

For the first tranche, COMPIN will produce nearly 37,000 seats, out of 193,000 in total. The range of seats includes fixed, tip-up and folding seats that will be supplied from our manufacturing sites of Evreux and Lodz. This project will ensure a workload for the company up to 2023 and beyond with the other tranches.

To win this contract, COMPIN demonstrated to the builders’ design teams its ability to develop an easy maintenance seat at a competitive price. Deliveries will begin in January 2019 with a production rate up to 6 trains per month.

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Celebrate with us our newly born Compin Inc.

COMPIN Inc. will be our center of command for our growing rail market presence in the US, highlighting the recently awarded ALSTOM-AMTRAK project to supply passenger seats to 28 new-generation high-speed trains called AVELIA-Liberty from ALSTOM.  The trains will be ordered and managed by AMTRAK, for its North-East Corridor, serving the major cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

From our brand-new company, COMPIN Inc will convince our customers about our ability to meet, among other aspects, their technological and comfort requirements and the requirements from the local content regulations BAA.

“This is an important breakthrough in our growth strategy and marks just the starting point that will help us drive our ambitious development plans for the US market” says Pierre Sainfort CEO of COMPIN group.

COMPIN Inc also wants to show our customers that we are aligned with their strategy to be present locally whilst at the same time ensure a global platform.” The message from our customers is loud and clear.  They need strong supplier partners that can match their ambitions to expand in a truly worldwide market” says Joan Gabriel Fernandez, Sales & Marketing Director of COMPIN-FAINSA.

The group today has more than 700 people worldwide and has sites in Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria and now… North America.

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COMPIN conquers the United States of America with ALSTOM

COMPIN has achieved a significant new commercial success a few weeks after signing the contract for the supply of passenger seats for the 40 new OMNEO Premium Normandie Bombardier trainsets, that will be commissioned on the Normandy railway from early 2020 on.

The company has just won a market of approximately $22 million from ALSTOM-US to supply the passenger seats of the 28 new-generation high-speed trains AVELIA-Liberty, ordered and managed by the North American operator AMTRAK, for its North-East Corridor, serving the major cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

These high-speed pendulum trains, assembled by ALSTOM in the state of New York, will be progressively commissioned from 2021 on, with a commercial speed of 300 km/h. (upgradable to 350 km/h). They are composed of 9 passenger cars (extensible to 12 cars), with 381 «business» and «first» places (expandable to 518 places).

With this contract, COMPIN is expanding its expertise and presence internationally by entering the North American market for the first time in its history.

To win this contract, the company has demonstrated its ability to meet, among other aspects, the technological and comfort requirements of its customers and the requirements from the «Buy American Act». The seats will be designed, engineered and tested within the French factory and then manufactured in the United States with local components.

This market is an opportunity for COMPIN to set up an industrial base in the United States, enabling the company to enter the various segments of the North American railway market (subways, suburban trains, regional trains, etc.) and to promote its French know-how within other states of America.

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Awarded a contract for SNCB-NMBS

COMPIN-FAINSA will supply train seats for 445 cars ALSTOM/BOMBARDIER – M7 series.

This order is related to the contract of the ALSTOM / BOMBARDIER consortium for supplying 1,362 cars to the SNCB (« Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belge »), the Belgian railway company, as detailed herafter:

  • This new contract will enable SNCB-NMBS to offer a total 145 000 additional seats to its passengers
  • The first firm order is for 445 double-deck trains type M7 cars


The first firm order signed today includes design and manufacturing for 445 cars and is estimated to be around 1,3 billion euro (1,4 billion USD). The direct share for BOMBARDIER is around 787 Meuros (853 million USD) while ALSTOM’s share is around 471 million euros (511 million USD). Deliveries for this first order will take place between September 2018 and 2021. The frame of this contract includes an option for up 917 additional cars.

The Bombardier site located in Brugges (Belgium), will provide 65 multifunctional steering cars and 290 trailer cars. ALSTOM site in Valenciennes (France) will manufacture 90 cars motorized cab cars.

COMPIN-FAINSA will deliver the first pre-serial seats from May 2017.

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