Quality Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Compin-Fainsa group has taken a step forward in terms of sustainability. Our products are designed to comply with legal requirements regarding the environment, using, whenever possible, recyclable materials and efficient processes in the use of energy and natural resources. Furthermore, an important point in our product development is the reduction of weight, achieving a safe product that also helps reduce energy use by our customers, directly reducing the use of natural resources and improving the environment as a final result.

Safety, environmental, ethical code, equality and social compliance policies have been defined and implemented, as well as responsible purchasing with our suppliers, becoming aware of the social problems of our society.

A person responsible for social compliance and an application procedure have been defined with an email address ( as an open window to the interested parties of our business, where any complaints or improvements can be sent and they will be anonymously treated.

Our objective is that our values and work will contribute to achieve the social and environmental improvement of our society.


ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance, refers to a collection of corporate performance evaluation criteria that assess the robustness of a company's governance mechanisms and its ability to effectively manage its environmental and social impacts.