We create, we develop, we predict, we prototype, we make unique your travel experience, providing fully equipped seats for train and bus & coach all over the world.

With a centralized engineering team management located in Barcelona (Spain), we coordinate the different engineering sites in Bursa (Turkiye) and Evreux (France).

An accredited fire and smoke laboratory according to the sectors standards, appropriate automatized devices for structural tests, as well as the most modern tooling to predict stresses on the seat structure and passengers comfort simulation, allow us to be extremely reactive and competitive on the market.

We recently built up a R&D department establishing a direct net with universities and excellent research centers, to investigate innovative and brilliant solutions. Some of them have been subsidized from Spanish and France governments and hopefully, will be soon on the market.
The passenger’s safety, seat comfort, quality and product reliability are the most important features of our products. They are combined with a modern and attractive design thanks to a strong relationship with European industrial designers.  

Our products are safely running in regional and high-speed trains as well as in Bus & coaches widespread all over the world. Let’s join us to make your ideas possible.