FAINSA has been a family company since 1935, established upon its creation in Martorelles, in the northern periphery of Barcelona in Catalonia. The company joined the COMPIN Group in 2015.
With a strong capacity for innovation and exceptional adaptability since its origin, FAINSA, the owner of numerous patents, quickly became the world leader for road transport seating for coaches, intra-urban buses, ambulances, and other special road vehicles. FAINSA coach seats are used in Europe but have also benefited from production licensing agreements, which are in effect to this day, in China, India, North and South America, with prestigious and recognized partners which are leaders on their markets.
Since the 60’s, FAINSA has extended and adapted its expertise on seating to rail markets. Its experience of coach seats has allowed it to become an undeniable reference for railway product lines which are modular and easily adaptable to match the needs of the most demanding clients.
Due to its history and commercial success, FAINSA has a strong historic customer base particularly in Spain and in England.
FAINSA accompanies major European constructors, on their domestic or international markets, with the conception and the supply in railway, coach and urban bus seating, as well as European operators with their rolling stock renovations. Furthermore, FAINSA provides technical assistance to numerous licensees around the world.
Since the beginning of 2015, FAINSA and COMPIN have coordinated and optimized their commercial and industrial activities within the Group in order to better serve their clients on a global scale.