An acknowledged know-how: innovation at the service of public transport users

Created by the joining of two companies which are experts on their markets, Compin-Fainsa designs each of its products with three major concerns in mind: a given atmosphere, comfort, passenger and operator safety.

With over 100 years’ experience, the company capitalizes on its knowledge of the market: Compin-Fainsa has accompanied clients through all the changes that public transportation has known, rail or wheel-based, urban or long distance.

Since Compin and Fainsa came together in 2015, the world’s leading operators and constructors benefit from a coherent global offering: a wide range of seats and armchairs, but also ceilings, floors, lighting systems, luggage compartments, doors, etc.

Whether it is a project of a complete range of seats or custom-made, Compin-Fainsa is the global architect of any of their clients’ needs.

Values anchored in the entire value chain

Reliability, expertise and quality are the values conveyed by the Directors, represented by the whole workforce, and made reality by the final products.

Compin-Fainsa implements the necessary means and resources in order to achieve excellence:

  • ISO9001 : all production sites
  • IRIS: sites in France (Evreux) and Poland (Lodz)
  • 2 Competence Centres for railroad transport and buses: Evreux (France) + Barcelona (Spain)
  • 2 Competence Centres for interior architectures: Evreux (France) + Linares (Spain)

Compin-Fainsa is recognized for its crucial expertise: the capacity to accompany its clients in the integration of their products. From the conception phase onward, the product is thought in order to be easily integrated into the operators’ train sets or buses and coach buses.

Local relationship, international presence, global satisfaction

With 5 production sites in Europe and a network of distributors everywhere around the world, Compin-Fainsa positions itself as close as possible to its clients and users. More than 600 employees make up a thinking and designing force aiming at a common goal: constructor and operator satisfaction.

Vision: combine safety, comfort and energetic performance

Every saved kW or diesel fuel litre and any additional space represent major progress for our clients: our knowledge of the market guides our R&D toward the optimization of the overload /weight ratio, while improving safety and comfort equipment for passengers.