Meeting industrial performance with high quality standards.

The chain of activities on which COMPIN relies is conceived so as to lean on a mesh-like organisation from product innovation until product delivery.
As an interior architect for the railway, COMPIN is positioning itself today as an unchallenged European leader of trains’ interior fittings. A strong brand image on the « premium » market in which skills as a creator of « ambiance » are an asset. Its operational skills are also imperative in meeting the needs of certain renovation markets in which compliance with quality and logistics standards is of the essence.

The ability to offer innovative turnkey solutions.
Equipped with a R§D department composed of an innovation unit and several Designers. Co-development approach with our major clients on markets for full renovation of trains.

An efficient operational set-up with a strong « Customer Focus » and closely located to European clients’ production sites.
An innovative « Supply Chain » allows to apprehend and offer local solutions both with regard to packaging and to logistics. In particular, thanks to the set-up of advanced warehouses allowing us to improve our operational quality.

Compliance with safety requirements and European regulation.
COMPIN is, unlike some of its competitors, a highly vertical organisation and calls upon a network of suppliers largely located close to our production facilities.