We are delighted to introduce to you the COMPIN-FAINSA
group’s 2017 innovation

The BRAVA is not only a seat, it is an alignment of technological

Innovation, unrivaled comfort and passenger safety

BRAVA is a genuine revolution in technology and innovation.

10 Benefits of choosing BRAVA

  1. Softer, more comfortable seat belt and an improvement of the belt tension
  2. More recline (+ 10º)
  3. More space between the places: 85mm (+10mm)
  4. Adjustable headrest lateral wings
  5. New Backrest shape, giving more space for the legs
  6. Adjustable reclining headrest
  7. Wider foams & softer cushioning
  8. Longer armrest (+20mm) and possibility to trim
  9. Support for 7” screen
  10. New designs of upholstery


The BRAVA advantages

  • Super-fast maintenance
  • Accessories completely integrated
  • Supreme comfort
  • Uncompromising safety
  • Efficient use of space
  • Fully Modular design for easy assembly.
  • 20% lighter than the rest of the market